STATUS       5 weeks, November–December 2019 
PROJECT     Physical Prototyping + Arduino Coding 
MY ROLE    Physical Interaction, Documentation, Prototype Construction. 
TEAM          Adam Ahmed & Amixa-Ray Calzado
We often find ourselves constantly pacing and wondering about what's next. What is due, to-do. What is my schedule today, tomorrow, this week, this month... Often miss the chance to take time to sit down and think introspectively, properly chasing our dreams, and our well-being physically and mentally.

Ponder is an experimental prototype pushing comfort with understanding our design responses can be executed with the consideration of the form and materials that will house the interaction and the way electronics will be able to read sensors.

Break time aimed to encourage people to take time to be introspective, ask themselves about their current wellbeing. 
Ponder was ideated from the three objects we were given for the assignment a table or a desk were the other two options. Being two students at a large campus as The University of Washington we have noticed the range of chairs around the campus— none quite as close or unique as Ponder.
Avoiding consistent productivity or what previous Designers have achieved in the class we delved introspectively and sought out the pressure, time, and curiosity in the user themselves. For the limited knowledge, we both had of the Arduino and time for the class we executed a chair based on the presence of a user at the chair.

The time we create for ourselves is a great time served in taking a proper break. It allows time for us to understand and process what needs to be addressed, whether that is productively or self-care as we get caught up with the waves of tasks to complete. Ponder is to help be that anchor.
Arduino parts and wiring. Woodshop BTS.
For detection, we used a Force-Sensing Resistor (FSR), within the cushion of the seat to detect the presence of a user. When pressure is applied a resistance value in ohms is sent through the Arduino. Cycling in a loop to generate a prompt from the Real-Time Clock (RTC), the actuator, to the Adafruit Thermal Printer to process a ticket.
Collection of the printed tickets, programing fun.
Live high-fidelity prototype
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